Regular physical exercise is a vital component of the plan of treatment of these disorders from the holistic point of view.

It is very advisable already in all the “prediabetic” situations, as the insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. A program of regular exercise can limit the resistance to the insulin even in 50 % of the patients who realize it.

The most habitual recommendation is a 30 to 60 minutes daily of moderate aerobic exercise (brisk walking), at least 5 days a week. Resistance exercises also must be included, at least 2 times for week.


One of the main benefits of the exercise is that it improves the function of the carriers of glucose (GLUT4), which favors the entry of the glucose in the muscular cells without need to increase the insulin. This phenomenon happens so much in healthy subjects as in those with resistance to the insulin and diabetes type II.

Even incomplete, investigations also suggest that moderate exercise can improve the situation of chronic inflammation associated with the resistance to the insulin and the diabetes. Other benefits of regular exercise include an increase of the muscular mass and a decrease of the body fat. Also, regular exercise produces a well-being sensation for the stimulation and production of endogenous endorphins. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to loose weight doing exercise alone. Since we will see later on, to do exercise is quite useless to slim. I almost do not know anybody who has lost weight doing exercise alone.

Unfortunately, these recommendations are not taken into consideration very seriously. That most of the population of the industrialized societies, where there are more excess weight and obesity, do not make enough physical exercise is so obvious that it does not deserve comments. We cannot forget the important relation that exists between the obesity, especially the abdominal obesity, and the diabetes type 2.

Physical exercise is very advisable and very healthy for other aspects of our physiology. There is an exercise healthy for the heart, as it is to walk to the trot (jogging) 20 minutes a day, 3 times per week. But we do not even do that!

The recommendations are not suitable at all. You know, to walk 6 km a day, it does not slim not of prank. Not seriously neither. Which is the problem? To loose weight it is necessary to lose fats. Unless they do a cavitación or a liposuction to you, the fats do not get lost. As much, you can aspire that they “are” “burned”. Strictly speaking, it would be necessary to oxidize the fats. In technical terms it is said that it is necessary to stimulate the lipólisis.

However: Let’s not cheat us! To stimulate the lipólisis doing exercise is very laborious: at least 30 minutes of aerobic, intense exercise, which makes you sweat like a duck. The rest, there are silly remarks. To stimulate the lipólisis walking it is necessary to do kilometers to hundreds.

If you want to make use of this magnificent tool in the control of its diabetes 2, look for a professional who will build a program of exercises, aerobic and of resistance, adapted to your situation.

The benefits will be enormous!

Joaquin Muniz Girón, MD

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